Cascade Brewers Cup

Awards Ceremony 



The awards ceremony was held at:

Hellbent Brewing Company 13035 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125, Sunday, May 20th – 1pm to 3pm.

Photos will be available by 5/30, link provided on this page.


Have you posted the results yet?
No, they get posted after the ceremony 🙂

Will the awards start promptly at 1pm?
Yes they will, get your beer early so you don’t miss your award

Can I nominate someone to collect the award on my behalf?
Yes, please email us to let us know who will pick up the award in your place.

Are you photographing the event?
Yes, one of our volunteers will be taking photos of the event. They will endeavor to take photos of the awards for each person, but we cannot always guarantee that we will get every photo. If in doubt, ask a friend to come and take photos of you getting the award.

What happens if I’m late?
We’ll keep your award, and then present it to you after the ceremony.

Should you have any questions you may contact this years’ organizer, David Streeter-Dybdahl at or post on our Facebook page.


The 22nd Annual Cascade Brewers Cup organized by the Cascade Brewers Guild is one of the largest and oldest competitions in the state of Washington.  This is a Washington Homebrewers Association (WAHA) qualifying competition for the Washington Homebrewer of the Year awards.  One winning entry will also be selected to be brewed at Crucible Brewery and may be entered into the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition.


Prizes will be awarded to the Best of Show (BOS) winner and the second and third place runner up for BOS. 

Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each judged category (not each beer style). 


Judging for the event took place at Hellbent Brewing Company in Seattle on:

Friday, May 4th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday, May 5th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.   


Entry Rules 

This is an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition for all BJCP beer, mead and cider categories. 

Entries will be judged under the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. 

Entrants must submit 3 crown-capped 12 oz. bottles with a completed BJCP bottle ID label attached with a rubber band. Do not tape or glue labels onto the bottle.  Any colored glass is acceptable. Bottle labels will be generated by the registration system and can be printed out after registration is complete. An entry form generated by the registration system must also be included with entries. Fees are $8 per entry with a limit of 12 entry per individual.  You must pay via the competition website linked to PayPal.  Entries are not complete until payment is received. 

It is the entrant’s responsibility to enter their beer in the proper category, as specified in the 2015 BJCP guidelines. Entries in some styles and substyles need to specify special ingredients and/or substyle characteristics (Saison strength, IPA specialty type, etc.) 

All entries must be handcrafted products using private equipment by a hobbyist brewer (no use of commercial facilities). 

The competition organizers reserve the right to combine styles and substyles into categories for judging and award purposes.  Only reasonably similar styles will be grouped together.  Each entry will be judged per the style entered. 

Bottles will not be returned to entrants. 

Note: The competition software will automatically fill out your BJCP Bottle ID and Entry Form after you complete the on-line registration. 

Drop Off Locations  

The Entry drop off shall occur between Saturday, April

Mail-In Location 

Cairn Brewery, 7204 NE 175th Street, Building A, Kenmore, WA,  98028

(425) 949-5295 

Mail-in entries may be submitted at any time, but must be received by April 28th.